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"The Santa Teresa Livestock Auction fills an important role for the marketing of cattle on the U.S.-Mexico border, as it is the only physical livestock auction available to customers on the border’s region in New Mexico."
-Progressive Cattleman


We have formed an alliance with the Union Ganadera Regional de Chihuahua (UGRCH) towards the implementation of this livestock auction, right at the US -Mexico border. This operation will facilitate the cattle trade in North America, creating a fair trade option. This is achieved through an open and transparent market, where the regional producers can sell their cattle directly to U.S. ranchers, feed yards and stock operations.





Why buy your cattle in STLA?

-This operation facilitates the cattle trade in North America, by creating a fair trade option through an open and transparent market.

-Regional costumers can buy their cattle directly from Mexican Ranchers with the assurance of an accurate weight and stamped tickets.


Auction Services

-Cattle will be sorted for quality, size and presentation.

-Cattle will be penned by STLA, and ensure they have adequate space, are fed on schedule and are on a continuous clean water system.

-This with the purpose to maintain animal health and reduce shrinkage to maximize profits for the producer.

-STLA will provide certified and professional auctioneers.

-STLA hosts live sales on internet. (cattleusa.com)




Join us at Auction!

2018 Dates below:

January 13th - SALE DATE

January 20th - SALE DATE

January 27th - SALE DATE

February 3rd - SALE DATE

February 10th - SALE DATE

February 17th - SALE DATE

February 24th - SALE DATE

March 3rd - SALE DATE

March 10th - SALE DATE

March 17th - SALE DATE

March 24th - SALE DATE

April 7th - SALE DATE

April 14th - SALE DATE

April 21st - SALE DATE

April 28th - SALE DATE

May 5th - SALE DATE

May 12th - SALE DATE

May 19th - SALE DATE

June 2nd - SALE DATE

June 9th - SALE DATE

June 16th - SALE DATE

June 23th - SALE DATE

July 14th - SALE DATE

July 28th - SALE DATE

August 4th - SALE DATE

August 18th - SALE DATE

September 8th - SALE DATE

September 22th - SALE DATE

September 29th - SALE DATE

October 6th - SALE DATE

October 13th - SALE DATE

October 20th - SALE DATE

October 27th - SALE DATE

November 3th - SALE DATE

November 10th - SALE DATE

November 17th - SALE DATE

December 1st - SALE DATE

December 8th - SALE DATE

December 15th - SALE DATE

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